Built with the brute strength to withstand everyday use and abuse, Manser Self-Dump bins are a must for many farmers and commercial businesses. Our hoppers easily handle: rocks, scrap metal, firewood, leaves, mulch and much more…

One of the many strengths of our hopper bins is, the easy one time action pull leaver. This allows for a clean, safe and quick dump, thanks to the unique shape and design.


Hand-welded for strong bonding
• Heavy-duty build
• Latch with safety chain


SD14 Cu. Yards: ¼

Weight: 250lbs Height: 25?” Width: 26½” Length: 49¼” Fork Width: 16” Box: 10ga

SD12 Cu. Yards: ½

Weight: 380lbs Height: 32” Width: 40½” Length: 49¼” Fork Width: 29?” Box: 10ga

SD34 Cu. Yards: ¾

Weight: 440lbs Height: 35½” Width: 41” Length: 59” Fork Width: 29?” Box: 10ga

SD100 Cu. Yards: 1

Weight: 505lbs Height: 40¾” Width: 41” Length: 62½” Fork Width: 29?” Box: 10ga

SD150 Cu. Yards: 1½

Weight: 715lbs Height: 43¾” Width: 47½” Length: 72¼” Fork Width: 36½” Box: 3?16 ga

SD200 Cu. Yards: 2

Weight: 920lbs Height: 42½” Width: 65” Length: 72” Fork Width: 54¾” Box: 3?16 ga

SD250 Cu. Yards: 2½

Weight: 930lbs Height: 47¼” Width: 65” Length: 76” Fork Width: 53½” Box: 3?16 ga

SD300 Cu. Yards: 3

Weight: 1055lbs Height: 47¼” Width: 76” Length: 76” Fork Width: 64½” Box: 3?16 ga

SD500 Cu. Yards: 5

Weight: 1480lbs Height: 55¾” Width: 90” Length: 89” Fork Width: 78½” Box: 3?16 ga


We make all sizes

Customize to meet your needs

Low headroom area option

Available in any color

Casters: 4 per set ( 2 rigid , 2 swivel) Phenolic wheels


Our Commitment

Quality products backed by excellent service!

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