Container Repair

Convenient Dumpster Repair and Replacement Services

Waste removal and management are necessary for every industry. Manser Welding is committed to building and repairing heavy duty containers. Our team of hardworking and experienced craftsmen work to solve your waste management problems.

A rusty, damaged waste container is not only an eyesore for your organization; it can also cause trash and liquid to escape, causing litter and pollution on your property. We offer custom container creation or repairs, small item replacements, sandblasting, and repainting.

Our team will handle all of your waste container and dumpster repair maintenance. We offer on-site repairs across Southern Ontario.

Quality products backed by excellent service, that’s our commitment to you!

Sandblasting & Repainting

Enhance or restore your bin to match your business or branding.
Our container painting services include:

  • Sanding
  • Deodorizing
  • Painting and Stickering
Plastic Lid Replacements

We replace broken or damaged lids with the toughest, yet carefully selected, materials made to last.

Roller Replacements

Keep your loads moving smoothly by replacing broken or damaged rollers.

Small Item Replacements

No replacement part is too large or small for us.

  • Truck locks
  • Chains
  • Rods
  • Structural steel
  • Hinges
  • Side stiffener
  • Lid locks and ears
  • D-Rings
  • Door bracket
  • Rollers
Door Replacements

We replace broken or damaged doors on standard or customized size containers and dumpsters.

Bottom Replacements

We replace broken or damaged dumpster bottoms with high-quality steel to extend the life of your container. A professional welded base will prevent leaks and damages to your property. We have standard sizes to choose from, or you can ask us about customization.

Pocket Repairs

If your pockets are bent or broken, we can restore them to get them lifting like new.

Custom Repairs

Whatever damage you need to be repaired or refurbished our team is happy to help. Contact us for a quote for any of your container welding and repair needs.

Why Should You Choose Us?

The Manser Process

Our internal quality process will check for any quality issues before we deliver from the consultation to drawing and manufacturing.

Highly Skilled Servicing Crews

Our staff are highly trained technicians who are reliable and able to install, repair, and fabricate.

Competitive Pricing

Our container repair services are designed to help save your business or organization time and money.

Custom Made Programs

We build custom dumpsters built for ultimate durability and strength with unique features and fabricated to meet your specific needs.

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